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DAPU is a privately held start-up company founded by experienced entrepreneurs, IEEE fellow, and semiconductor industry veterans. It received initial funding from Shenzhen Peacock Team Plan, a very prestigious fund for high tech startups. DAPU is chartered to deliver innovative system solutions in the form of semiconductors and software. For its first product, DAPU teamed with NAND Flash manufacturers and customers to develop a revolutionary new NVMe PCIe SSD controller ASIC. Our team members are from Univ. of Rhode Island, Qualcomm, Marvell, Western Digital, Huawei, CAS, HUST, etc. Learn more


  • 产物提要: (1) Safety mechanism of data in data storage, (2) Machine learning inside storage, (3) Parallel computing system structure with PIS, (4) Continuous data protection, (5) High performance and long ...